Lil ol’ me


Likes – Adventures in the outdoors, getting dirty and pink bleumonge.
Dislikes – Mud guards, irony & Walnut Whips.

Ok, so why am I doing this??
Simple really, goals are good. Now I don’t mean that atrocious sport where nearly two dozen fairies kick a ball around. I mean accomplishments. Dreams. Aspirations. Those things that make you get out of bed on a cold wet morning to go and do something which 90% of the population would frankly have you committed for. You know, those things that make you feel like a 6 year old again.

I’m setting the blog up as a reminder to why I’m doing what I’m doing. A diary of sorts and hopefully a place to share some amazing views I’ll see along the way. That and my memory sucks so I’ll likely have forgotten most of this in 6 months if its not in black and white.
I’m aiming for some regular short term goals as well as always having “The Big” long term goal on the horizon. The plan is to always to have something to aim for whether its two weeks away or two years. So when I have the blips in the road there’s something to bring my focus back. A reason to stop whining and get back on the bike to start again.

If you want to contact me about anything in my blog or know of a suitable challenge I might be able to get my teeth into feel free to fire something to…


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